History of the branch Buriram Province

Chaloem Phrakiat Academic Resources Branch Buriram Province

Chaloem Phrakiat Academic Resources Branch Buriram Province It is the 17th academic service branch (including Bangna campus) and the 34th examination center (undergraduate level) of Ramkhamhaeng University.

It was founded on June 16, 2003 with the cooperation between Buriram Province and the Buriram Chamber of Commerce. and the joint committee of the public and private sectors in Buriram Province Including Buriram brothers and sisters in 23 districts by using public land "Khok Khao Noi" in the land reform area, Village No. 4, Huai Rat Subdistrict, Huai Rat District, Buriram Province, area 323 rai, for the construction of Ramkhamhaeng University. Chaloem Phrakiat Academic Resources Branch Buriram Province The total budget for construction of the school building is 16,820,134 baht, which is a 3-story teaching and operating building, including water and electrical systems.

Buriram Province There was a ceremony to hand over the academic building to Ramkhamhaeng University on July 7, 2003, with Associate Professor Chalermphon Srihong, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Research. Representing Ramkhamhaeng University in receiving the award Throughout the past 20 years, the Academic Resources Department Buriram Province It has supported the main mission of the university, which is teaching. Academic services to society and the maintenance and promotion of arts and culture and encourage branch personnel and students to conduct research which has operated with quality and in accordance with the needs of rural society that has changed according to globalization which has brought educational knowledge to the masses in the region, expanding educational opportunities for the people of Buriram and nearby provinces and in addition Buriram Branch Academic technology is transferred to youth and interested citizens. which is a response to the university's philosophy that “Promote educational equality Produce graduates with knowledge and morality” and respond to the philosophy of the branch. Buriram Province, "Ram Buriram Innovative service Focus on education Join in developing society.”

              Currently, Ramkhamhaeng University Chaloem Phrakiat Academic Resources Branch Buriram Province has supported teaching and learning at both the bachelor's, master's and doctoral levels, which has carried out teaching and learning in accordance with the aspiration. and the main mission of the Chaloem Phrakiat Academic Resources Branch Buriram Province that is in line with the higher education development plan and economic and social development plans