Apply to study online

Procedure for applying via the internet
(Academic year 2023)


#Recommendations Applicants must acknowledge and accept. As well as comply with the announcement of Ramkhamhaeng University 
regarding applying for new regional students via the internet. Before proceeding with the application, follow the steps as follows:
Step 1 Open To enter the online application system By choosing a faculty/field and type of application along with filling out basic application information

Step 2: Register for courses By choosing subjects to register for study according to the faculty/field. who applied to study

Step 3 Complete your personal history and education information (M.R.2) along with your Username and Password for use in checking application status.

Step 4 Upload application documents.

1. Color photograph (wearing polite clothing, collared shirt), size 2 inches or 1.5 inches (only JPG files supported, size not exceeding 4 MB)

Application documents as follows (only PDF files supported. Size not exceeding 4 MB)

2. Copy of educational qualification Photocopy front and back

        2.1 In case of name-surname change, attach a copy of the name-surname certificate or marriage certificate. or divorce registration (depending on the case)

        2.2 In the case of using a foreign degree to apply for study            

              2.2.1 Must pass a Thai language test before applying. (In case of being a foreigner)

              2.2.2 Copy of passport (passport) with translation into Thai (In case of being a foreigner)

              2.2.3 Copy of educational qualifications translated into English (In case the educational qualification is in another language) sewn to the educational qualification.

              2.2.4 Copy of knowledge level comparison sheet Sewn to the educational qualification

• Associate's degree or equivalent or higher. Contact to request a knowledge level comparison at the Ministry of Higher Education and Science. Research and Innovation (A.W.)

• High school diploma or equivalent Compare the level of knowledge according to the Ramkhamhaeng University announcement. Regarding the criteria for comparing knowledge of foreign educational qualifications (No need to attach a copy of the knowledge comparison sheet)

• Junior high school diploma or equivalent Contact to request a knowledge level comparison at the Office of the Basic Education Commission. Ministry of Education

***Please proceed with contacting and requesting a knowledge level comparison before applying to study.   

              2.2.5 Consent form for disclosure of educational information (Authorization Form)

              2.2.6 Form of original educational address (School Address)

3. Copy of identification card or other card issued by a government agency. (In the case of using a title of rank, please attach a copy of the government official identification card or appointment order showing the current rank)

4. In the case of a monk or novice, submit a copy of the certificate on pages 2,3,4,5 or in the case that there is no certificate, attach a certificate of ordination instead.

5. Proof of payment Upload after payment (Supports only JPG files. Size not exceeding 4 MB)

***In the case of applying to study by transferring credits You must wait for the faculty to approve the transfer within 3 business days before confirming your course registration. along with being able to pay

Step 5 Payment of tuition fees Course registration fee and educational maintenance fees

Payment method: The university specifies 3 methods for payment of application and registration fees as follows.

Method 1: Payment via QR CODE scanning system (all banks)

Method 2: Payment over the counter of Siam Commercial Bank (Applicants must pay an additional fee of 10 baht)

Method 3: Payment through Counter Service (Counter Service) every 7-11 branch.

***Applicants must pay within 3 business days from the date of registration.

Step 6: Once applicants have received their student identification code, proceed as follows.

1. Print the course registration receipt. Provide application status page

(Using the Username and Password received in Step 1)

2. Check when pressing to request a student ID card. 90 days after knowing your student ID


3. Apply to use Ramkhamhaeng University's e-service system at

(For checking various student information or printing a course registration receipt)

                                                                                                              New student recruitment system

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